Are you thinking of getting a Webflow development agency to handle your project? Would you like to enjoy the features that come with Webflow website design and development and give your website a unique look and feel?

The market is nearly saturated with website builders that promise to deliver global solutions for any design challenge. However, when it comes to practice, these developers fall short on both the development and design aspects, and this is what Webflow front end development has come to address.

What is Webflow?
Webflow is a responsive, all-in-one, cloud-based design tool or website builder that gives users the power to build, design, and launch highly responsive websites visually. This is an in-browser design platform that any site builder can use to go from an initial concept to a finished product.

In other words, Webflow takes the agonizing part of website development out of the entire equation, thereby letting front-end developers focus totally on bringing designs to production much faster than usual. This drag-and-drop tool used for creating responsive and performant sites without writing any code was launched in 2013 as a graduate of Y Combinator’s startup accelerator. Webflow is highly customizable and powerful, which used to be something that developers enjoyed when they use JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

Webflow attempts to fill the space between do-it-yourself software like Squarespace, WordPress (the traditional content management system), Wix, and front-end development. Webflow is designed to surpass all these software or site builders in terms of flexibility, ease-of-use, and performance, thereby making it the go-to tool for building websites.

Key Features

  • Intuitive editor
  • eCommerce site
  • Drag-and-drop page builder feature
  • Work with Flexbox
  • Highly responsive page designs
  • Works directly with CMS data
  • Publish straight to the web
  • Zapier Integration
  • SSL and ISO 27018
  • Adjust anything and use any font from tracking to line-height
  • Make scroll-based animations
  • Work with reusable CSS classes
  • Update every instance of color within seconds and also define global color swatches
  • Export code for download
  • A complete platform that allows integration, form data, marketing tools, backups, and so much more
  • Code editor, add your own personally developed code if required
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